Integrating Teams voice with any telco

Integrating Teams voice with any telco

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Basics, Voice

Although Telstra is the monopoly Australian provider for their calling plans, Microsoft Teams can be connected to the telephone system via almost any telco. It doesn’t matter whether they are trusted household names like Optus, TPG and Vodaphone or new providers like Twilio, Maxo and Plivo. The results are more much more feature-rich and cost-effective compared to traditional on-premises telephony infrastructure.

Microsoft Teams connected to a more cost-effective Telco does more than just save you money on monthly telephony costs. It can improve your current business processes and give you new flexibility and options to meet your future business needs.

The solution makes it possible for staff to work as if they are in the office no matter where they are. It includes all the traditional PABX features and adds others that can significantly improve your business processes.
Teams integrated with a cloud telco provider can give you:

• Significantly lower monthly costs
• The same phone numbers your customers have always used to contact you
• Freedom for staff to work in the office, at home or at new premises
• One-click to call-back to the caller and/or their alternate contact details
• Voicemail that has caller names and contact details attached
• Automatically created text versions of the voicemail attached to the voicemail recording
• Easier business re-location and sizing
• Customer announcements and menus that can be changed by editing the text instead of re-recording them.
• Self-managed holiday and business hours announcements
• Speech to text that improves automatically as Microsoft improves its service

We are proud of how enthusiastic our customers are about the solutions we are providing. We look forward to presenting a case study of our most recent project on our website.

Call us to discuss your business telephony needs and how we can add mobility and agility to your voice communications.

When you move from a legacy PABX to a modern voice solution like Microsoft Teams connected to your choice of carrier you can leave behind:

• Lock-in to a single vendor for handset choices
• Acquiring a handset for every user
• Phone numbers tied to physical locations
• On-premises equipment that requires maintenance and a disaster recovery plan
• On-Premises UPS to provide power during outages
• The need to record and re-record messages for your menus and queues
• Hardware upgrades
• Separate building wiring for voice and data