The kirbi way

Back story…
(Short version)

Kirbi Solutions is the new name for ContinuIT. We started providing ICT Services in Brisbane 10 years ago after our founders decided to bring their many years of corporate enterprise ICT experience to the SMB and mid-sized business market.
As we move into a new phase for our business we’ve bought in additional enterprise ICT experience and we’re more focussed than ever to deliver a better IT experience for businesses of all sizes in both Brisbane and Melbourne.
We believe there’s a better way to deliver IT services. One that demystifies IT and gives more power and knowledge to the businesses that rely on IT to thrive and grow.
Business FIRST

Technology can be a great enabler for improving business productivity and reducing costs but it can also be a double-edged sword. If it’s not implemented with the business and its end-users at the forefront, potential benefits can evaporate quickly.

At Kirbi Solutions we get it.

Our projects succeed because we understand that we’re implementing business change above all else and we manage that change (and any potential resistance) with you and your staff, ensuring everyone’s pulling in the same direction – from start to finish.

Outcome is Everything

You run a business so you know what success looks like, right?

At Kirbi Solutions, we do too.

We understand that merely completing a project isn’t a measure of success. Achieving the goals that led to the project being started in the first place – now that’s success.

If you want to work with talented IT professionals that set goals prior to implementation and work their butts off to meet those goals, call Kirbi Solutions.